Now booking custom orders for July/August/September



We kindly ask that you Book an Appointment for a Private Shopping Experience and/or Consultation for Custom Dresses.

Appointments allow us to give you the best Customer Service and Dedicated Care. It is difficult for us to serve more than one family at a time.

We also do private home appointments as well as often not in the boutique as we are out sourcing fabrics and supplies elsewhere and therefore Booked Appointments ensures we are ready for you to arrive.

 I D E A L    C U S T O M E R


There are many options available. We can supply pictures and opinions, but ultimately it is your decision.


Remember you’re ordering a dress online. The fit may not be perfect and the color may be a little different than what you see on your computer screen.  We will do our best to make the dress perfectly so no additional alterations will be needed. We hope to provide enough photos and information so that you receive the best fitting & color matching dress you ordered!  If you live in the Toronto area, we welcome you to visit us at our Toronto Style Boutique to place your order.


The pieces are all handmade by Lil Miss Dress Up. Because of this, there is a long turn around time.  Remember you can’t have fast, cheap and quality!  Sometimes we will accept rush orders for an extra fee.  Contact us directly if you need a rush order.

The luxury of having your Custom-made dress or a beautiful formal gown designed, creates the freedom to have what you really want.

Having custom-made dresses (bespoke dresses) created with couture techniques and quality fabric, not to mention handmade finishing for your garments/outfits, make you look unique and create a one-of-a-kind expression of who you are.

The estimate for custom work is based on cost of materials and how many hours of labor is put in.
Our labor includes:
unique design drafting,
pattern making,
the sewing process itself.

Here at Lil Miss Dress Up, we listen to our clients soaking up their feedback and always focus our minds on creating a solution to help our customers to find the perfect dress and within their budget.

Schedule your appointments in at least 8 weeks in advance. Production time is 4-8 weeks depending on style.

How it works....

Once you schedule an appointment with us, you can start thinking what exactly you want from your dress: write down your ideas, save some gown photos, look through fashion magazines… Anything that can help you to realize your unique vision. Or you may have a clear picture in your mind of how your gown will look, or there may just be fragments of images you are drawn to. 



Listening to your ideas during your custom dress design consultation, we will help you bring to light the perfect silhouette, and you’ll be able to compare the drape, texture and shade of different fabric samples.


Once you decide too proceed with our bespoke design services, we can schedule your measurement taking.
During this first fitting, we will take measurements of all the girls in that need a custom dress, so that pattern drafting can begin.

Please note that all dresses are entirely bespoke, and with each dress being so different from another, it is impossible to stock a range available for trying on. But we will be happy to show some photos and a portfolio of our designs. This fitting takes about 45 mins to 1 hour.

A deposit of 50% is required so that work can begin.



A few weeks before your special date we will call you for a fitting to make any adjustments to the fit of the dress.

If there are any adjustments needed, 
we will have sufficient time to do them.

Once everything is complete, 

Final payment is due at delivery.

Even if you are not local and cannot see us physically, we can do all of the above processes long distance.