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1. How Long Takes To Receive A Custom Made Dress? 

Our usual delivery time for custom dresses is 2-6 weeks, however it might take up to 8 weeks during high busy season (March- October) or due to winter holidays.

2. What does "Pre-Order" Means? 

 Pre-order means that the dress will be made to order once the customer buys it. You can provide custom measurements while placing the order to receive a custom size dress, or make any changes to the original design.

3. Dresses In Stock, Once I Place The Order, How Long Takes To Receive? 

 Regular shipping within Canada might take 5-10 days.

4. What Methods Of Payment Available? 

 We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal via Online Orders. 

In-person shopping, we accept debit or credit cards only, NO Cash.

5. Can I Visit Your Local Store? 

 Yes, please book an appointment using our Booking Calendar on our website.  

We also offer Telephone, & Zoom Video for custom consultations. 

6. What Is The Status Of My Order? 

 Currently we don't provide detailed statuses of the orders, you just have to wait about 5-6 weeks to receive made to order outfits. This is the customer's responsibility to make sure you have enough time to pre-order the dress before particular event. Before placing your order online, it's best to consult with us first.

7. Do They Look The Same Like Product Picture? 

All the pictures shown are Style Inspirations that have been specially curated throughout the years. Most of the dresses will look 100% like the product picture. Lace pattern may differ slightly from that shown in photo due to availability and updated laces by year.