Lil Miss Tutu

Beginners Basics

We carry everything you need for her to begin her love affair with dance. From Ballet slippers to tights, bodysuits and tutus.

Custom Made Tutus

We carry cover-up wrap skirts to custom tutus for that very special recital. Tutus skirts for toddler and girls starting at only $25 available in any custom colour!

Flower Girl Tutu Dresses

Beautiful custom made tutu dresses for your Flower Girl.  She'll look so adorable in one of our custom creations. Classic All Tulle or Petal Embellished. Book your appointment today!

Birthday Tutus

Are You a Dance School?

Special Discount for Orders of 6+ of the same tutu skirt.

Need tutu skirts for your school.  We give special pricing for bulk orders.

Please email info@lilmissdressup for more information.

How to Care for Your Tutu

Unpack Tutu then Shake, Finger-comb and Fluff:

Gently ‘comb’ (or ‘rake’) your fingers through the tulle of the tutu, from waistband down to hem, removing any twisting, crumpling or knots. 

Hang up on a skirt hanger or other clipped hanger (or use a small child’s hanger). 

 Care for a Wrinkled Tutu:  

Do not iron! Steam works best. If you don’t have a clothing steamer, we suggest using an inexpensive humidifier. Set humidifier on a towel to catch any drips.    With tutu on hanger, hold above the steam and slowly move tutu back and forth until it is straight and fluffy again.             

To wash a Tutu:

Spot clean with soap and water, rinse, straighten and let dry. Do not wash in washing machine.    If entire tutu is dirty, hand wash gently in sink. Rinse well, finger-comb, and hang to dry. Some people have tried gentle cycle on  

Static Cling:

It happens. Tutus are made of nylon and/or polyester so static is an issue. Try wiping each strip of tulle with a fabric softener sheet.
 Or spritz with water and hang to dry. A solution of water and liquid fabric softener can also be sprayed on the tutu and worked through. non-embellished tutus followed by cool tumble for 10 minutes in dry.   

Preserve Tutu’s Shape | Storage:

Follow these care instructions after each use and hang to store. 

Frayed Tutu ends: 

The great thing about tutus is that they don’t have hems! Just cut the frayed ends carefully with a sharp scissors.