Flower Girl Dress Trends

2017 Trends

If you're interested in the best flower girl dresses for your little one, you're in the right place! We know searching for the right designer flower girl dress can become pretty confusing in a very short time, because of all those available options out there. But don't get discouraged!

We have chosen for you top styles and trends flower girl dresses that are totally fashionable in 2017 and will provide you the much-needed inspiration you want before going shopping. And of course, because we know how hard is to find the perfect dress and still stick to your budget, all the selections are under $200!

1. Ivory Dresses

And the winner is... Ivory!

The Ivory Trend is huge. Many brides are reorienting their choices when it comes to wedding colors to ivory. And since this happens, the flower girl ivory dresses market has exponentially grown in the last years. Ivory dresses are the most asked for ones - even if we're talking about the retailers' sales or the Google search.

There are many options for the flower girl attire that go in ivory - plenty of patterns, style or materials, you name it. Here are our top selections of ivory dresses.

Why go Full Ivory?

Both wedding specialist and brides have decided. Ivory is the new black (or white) when it comes to weddings. Not many people know that ivory is just another shade of white. With a hint of cream, peach or yellow, ivory has more texture and warmness. Ivory can flatter anyone wearing it as it is a creamier shade than white.

Elegant Ivory

An ivory dress is more noticeable than a white one when it comes to the details - especially if the dress has lace patterns or embroideries. Another nice thing is that in photos this color looks very pretty and clear.

2. Vintage Lace Dresses

What are Lace Dresses?

This kind of dress is made or has particular parts made of lace - a fine open fabric obtained from cotton or silk using methods like looping, bending or knitting it into complicated patterns. Lace can be made both by machine and hand. The garments usually available in stores are made using a machine out of synthetic fiber

Its popularity among women all around the world transformed the lace into a pretty popular wedding trend, especially because it has a vintage vibe. You can find many flower girl gowns out there, with plenty of patterns, types or colors. Perfect for a retro wedding!

Lace Bodice Dress

All Lace Dress

3. Pure White Dresses

Is the flower girl dress supposed to be white?

This is the most frequent question asked by wedding newbie brides and parents.

In the past, the flower girl's gown tended to be a miniature of the bridal dress.

White is the traditional color for bridal gowns, and also for flower girl dresses. Still, nowadays, there are lots of brides who chose a different color for their dress.

All White Solid

Even if there are brides who have an unconventional approach and choose a different color for their and the flower girl's dress, white is still trending heavily.

All White Texture

A white dress doesn't have to be dull or boring. On the contrary!

Simple, but elegant, a white dress can really highlight a special pattern, design or even the preciosity of a material. And during the summer, it is a reliever to wear white instead of darker colors.

4. Purple, Plum & Eggplant

Many brides out there choose purple for the flower girl dress because of the power of the color.

Depending on the wedding theme, purple can be a well-deserved splash of color in the event, especially if it is worn by both the bridesmaids and the flower girl.

It's a royal color and it stands for nobility, power, wealth, but also wisdom, peace, and magic.

Solid Purple

Purple Blend

5. Gold & Silver Dresses

Why Go Metallic?

If your flower girl’s dream is to shine, the metallic inspired accents will definitely get her there!

With a subtle model, this kind of dress really makes her stand up from the crowd. Geometric or circular pattern, gold or silver accents - there are plenty of options for you to choose from!

This trend is perfect for an unconventional & chic wedding.

Even if at first it might appear to be too much for a little girl, there are many dresses featuring metallic accents out there that can be really lovely. The secret is wearing either a full patterned dress or just one accent, on the top or skirt. Less is more when it comes to shining stuff, so try to keep it as simple as you can.

Metallic Bodice

All Over Metallic

6. Tutu Dresses

What are Tutu Dresses?

Dresses made of tulle, a fine mesh fabric, are known as tutu dresses. This fabric is very popular in making of wedding veils and gowns.

Tulle can be obtained from a large variety of fabrics like silk, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Tulle dresses often have the skirt made of tulle, while the top is made using lace, silk or cotton. 

Tutu trend is big when it comes to classy weddings. This ballerina inspired look is very princessy and feminine. So if you're looking for a princess flower girl dress, this style is the perfect option for you! For a bridal look-alike gown, this kind of dress is also fit.

Classic All Tulle

Petal Embellished

7. Coral Dresses

If you can't decide between a pink or an orange dress for your little flower girl, well, coral is the solution!

Coral is a pinkish/reddish shade of orange and it's known for its power to attract both love and prosperity. The purpose of a flower girl is to symbolize happiness and fertility so it's a perfect choice!

Coral Taffeta

Coral Organza

8. Champagne Dresses

We all know that champagne isn't for kids. But the color is a great choice for a flower girl dress!

This lovely light color is warm & perfect for an adorable little flower girl outfit!

Light Champagne

Dark Champagne

9. Rustic Country Weddings

If you're having a rustic wedding and you want a cute flower girl dress that could match nicely with a pair of adorable cowboy boots, don't hesitate to add this collection to your shopping list.

You have plenty of options to choose from: ruffled or floral adorned gowns, in beige, light pink, champagne or even aqua blue. Complete the look with a beautiful floral wreath for a nice final touch.

Off The Shoulder

Ruffled Shoulders

10. Light Pink Dresses

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the most adorable & feminine color. Choose a dress in this color and it will match perfectly with any wedding theme. It also looks good on almost any skin tone and can be matched with white sandals, boots or Mary Jane flats.

Any girl who wears light pink will instantly feel like a little princess. For a nice touch try a matching tiara, it will do wonders for the little girls' confidence!

Sequin Belt

Flower Appliques

11. Red Dresses

For a more brave appearance, you can try a red dress for your flower girl.

She will get all the guests' attention while walking down the aisle. If the bridesmaids will wear red as well, then it will be a nice contrast between the girls and the bride.

Tea Length

Knee Length

12. Black Dresses

Say something interesting about your business here.This might come as a surprise, but there are many brides-to-be out there looking for black or black & white flower girl dresses. At first, it can look a little strange, but after thinking it through a bit, you will see that this is no more, no less than the classic... little black dress, but for tots!

So if you're tired of the old tulle & tiara flower girl approach, this style might come quite handy.

One Shoulder

Lace Overlay

13. Yellow Dresses

Solar yellow or a lighter shade?

Either way, yellow is perceived as a natural color and it's associated frequently with sunflower seeds or lemons. It significates optimism, joy, and the sunshine.

So it's pretty suitable for a flower girl dress because of its' positive analogy. Another great thing about it is that anyone wearing yellow will be instantly spotted at any event. Imagine all those nice photos!

Yellow Petals

Solid Yellow

14. Blue Dresses

One of the most common brides' superstitions is associated with the blue color.

It says the bride should wear ''Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue'' for the couple's happiness. Well, brides can't always wear blue (especially for their gown or jewelry), but their flower girls can. 

"Something blue" indicates fidelity and love, which are also some of the flower girl's traditional attributes.

Blue Taffeta

Blue Chiffon

15. Mint Dresses

One of the most popular wedding colors among brides-to-be is mint green.

This lovely pastel color is both relaxing and chic. Choose it for your flower girl dress and she'll be a refreshing appearance and also, a very graceful one!

Mint Texture

Soft Mint

16. Jade/Teal Dresses

Teal is one of the 3 shades of turquoise, along with aqua and aquamarine.

This shade is also known as blue-green and it's darker than the other 2 turquoise shades. A pretty fortunate choice for a flower girl dress, especially because of the color's purpose: promotes engagement and spiritual development.

Jade Green

Teal Blue

17. Grey Dresses

Gray isn't a dull color, like most of you might think.

Perfect for a vintage or '20s inspired wedding, this color is a nice alternative to the classic white or ivory.

Grey Organza

Grey Chiffon

18. Orange Dresses

Orange Floral Lace Dress, Orange Floral Sash Dress

When buying the perfect flower girl dress, take into consideration your flower girl's personality too.

Is she bursting with energy and smiles all the time? An orange dress might be the perfect option for her. This color will motivate her to remain focus at the ceremony, but without making her losing that sparkle she has!

Bright Orange

Fall Orange